Agile Onsite Marketing

We put commerce stores back in the hands of marketers so they can grow their average revenue per visitor.

  • Shopper Analytics

    Identify influencers, trends, and more.

    All brands have a powerful source of revenue growth that isn't uncovered by traditional analytics: Influencers. AddShoppers tracks all social referral activity originating from your website, organizes the data into key insights, and makes it available to you in our easy, intuitive dashboard.

  • Revenue Attribution

    Industry-leading revenue measurement.

    Guide To Revenue Attribution

    Traditional analytics tools give you basic statistics on where your revenue is coming from, but leave you in the dark when it comes to which Influencers drove sales, what content they shared, and the social networks they used. Our patent-pending revenue attribution enables you to quantify customer actions -- including social shares and email opt-ins -- to show you exactly what's working.

  • Refer-a-Friend

    Grow sales with referral marketing campaigns.

    Building an effective Refer-a-Friend program

    Leverage your existing customer base with incentives for both the referring party and the successful referral. "Word of mouth" traffic is not only more likely to convert but also more likely to make referrals themselves.

  • Contests & Giveaways

    Engage your customers with viral incentives.

    Vintage Marquee Lights Case Study

    Many brands leverage contests and giveaways now as a way to generate awareness, but they lack integrated viral marketing techniques in order to drive maximum participation. Social Contests give you the firepower you need to generate the most leads, shares, and sales possible from your contests and giveaways.

  • Social Rewards

    Incentivize sharing for lower shopping cart abandonment.

    How the I.R. 1,000 Maximize RPU

    Before a customer leaves your site to search for a coupon, give them the option to share for a reward instead. Social Rewards helps you boost social sharing by over 300% and dramatically decreases shopping cart abandonment.

  • Behavioral Targeting

    The right offer at the perfect time.

    Increase Conversions with Behavioral Targeting

    Using simple modal offers to capture emails and give away coupons leaves revenue on the table. Behavioral Targeting enhances personalization and allows for a more sophisticated strategy -- resulting in higher conversion rates and happier customers.

  • Smart Retargeting

    Harvest your social data for better performing ads across the Web.

    Growing 3 Unique Brands

    Almost all brands utilize retargeting ads, but the vast majority are spending just as much to show ads to someone who will never buy as someone who will buy. Smart Retargeting uses a proprietary algorithm that measures purchase intent based on behavioral actions from our Influencer Analytics to determine who is most likely to purchase and optimizes your budget accordingly, resulting in a higher ROI.

  • Facebook Retargeting

    Use your social data to better retarget your customers with Facebook ads.

    End of Year Strategies to Maximize Revenue

    Facebook Retargeting uses a proprietary algorithm that measures purchase intent based on behavior to determine who is most likely to purchase. Your Facebook Retargeting budget is optimized accordingly, resulting in a higher ROI.

Integrates seamlessly with any eCommerce platform or website.